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Find Your Files in Seconds

UltraSearch Free looks for files and folders and presents the results in just a few seconds. The sleek tool uses the unique technology which enables the searching directly at the heart of the NTFS file system on your hard drive, the Master File Table (MFT). UltraSearch searches all directories on local drives at lightning speed and delivers what you are looking for in a clear overview.

UltraSearch Free supports all current Windows operating systems.

UltraSearch Free start screen
Easy to Use
Intuitive and clean user interface for enhanced simplicity and unparalleled ease of use.
Real-Time Search
You get the first results while you are still typing.
Advanced Search
UltraSearch Free supports regular expressions and will search file content.

Visual Tour

UltraSearch Free searches the local NTFS partitions and provides results in a matter of seconds. The software lists additional information for each found file: file size, last change date, etc.

UltraSearch Free enables you to group files in file type groups and search entire groups. Once created, groups can easily be modified. Find, for example, all movie or Office files.

In addition to the use of search patterns, a search can be narrowed down even further via the exclusion of files and folders. Exclude system files from your search results by not searching certain folders and not listing certain file types.


I've been using this ultra fast search software for years with all my XP builds for myself and for clients. Thank you very much for your work.

Christopher W. Schneider, PCTS4YOU LLC of Chicago

Just installed this program and did a search for *.scr files and wow it found them all *snaps fingers* just like that I couldn't believe how fast it was for just after installing the program.

Mike Williams, betanews.com

UltraSearch comes with the advantage that it looks for your query straight into the Master File Table of the NTFS drive. The speed in returning a result through this method is amazing. You will actually be able to view results as you type the search term.

Ionut Ilascu, softpedia.com

Different Versions for Different Requirements

Did you know? Now you can try UltraSearch Professional with full functionality - after that it will continue as usual in free mode!

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