Add to Outlook and Discover New Features

The Exchange Server Toolbox can extend your Outlook. Its add-in adds useful email management features to MS Outlook. Once installed, the add-in is integrated seamlessly into the existing Outlook configuration.

Direct access to your email archive

You use Exchange Server Toolbox to back up your emails and need quick and easy access to archived emails? Simply use the outlook add-in and use the clear search interface - without having to bother your administrators at all.

Train spam recognition

Train the integrated SpamAssassin to detect junk emails with the Exchange Server Toolbox Outlook add-in! Unwanted emails will be marked as spam and refused (Exchange Server 2007 and higher). In addition you can teach SpamAssassin to recognize wanted mails (known as "ham"). The add-in enables you to access the training features via the context menu or the Exchange Server Toolbox tab.

A spam email has reached your inbox? Simply mark it as "Spam" and ensure that the Bayes filter will recognize the email pattern in the future.
Tipp: it is recommended to train the Bayes filter with ham emails from time to time. This will increase the spam protection and decrease the rate of false positives. Simply select a couple of wanted emails and select "No Spam" in the Outlook add-in