Bring order and security to your storage in three steps!

  1. Get an overview of your historically grown data stocks down to file level
  2. Clean up old or redundant data and ensure compliance
  3. Set up automations so that the new order is maintained

Secure Data And Reduce Complexity

SpaceObServer visualizes your storage data down to the file level, providing more understanding through analysis and more security through structure!

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SpaceObServer puts an end to data chaos

Reduce complexity in your data storage!

With SpaceObServer, you can separate important information from redundant and outdated data. Create information security through a single source of truth!

SpaceObServer gains back working time

Relieve your IT with automation!

SpaceObServer enables the automatic execution of regular processes and defined storage structures. Comprehensive data lifecycle management replaces manual tasks.

SpaceObServer ensures Role Based Access Control

Ensure compliance with RBAC!

SpaceObServer enables you to manage and ensure Role Based Access Control (RBAC). This allows you to analyze access rights, track changes at any time and avert risks.

Different Versions for Different Requirements

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SpaceObServer Standard Edition

Scan various server systems locally or remote
Data Lifecycle Management
Automated Reporting
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SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition

Scan various server systems locally or remote
Data Lifecycle Management
Automated Reporting


We are impressed by the quality of your product and encourage you to keep this high standards in the future. Read the complete review

SpaceObServer allows you to manage your hard disk space in a very efficient way, allowing you to see the distribution of folders in various ways.

George Norman, Software Editor at FindMySoft

With SpaceObServer, we finally have the possibility to visualize for our employees where which amounts of data are located, in a clear and easy way. Now we know where our 'graveyards of data' are hidden. Using SpaceObServer, we are capable of continuously monitoring and systematically optimizing our disk space - with minimal effort and low costs. Read the Case Study.

Christian Erwin, IMS Lead SCHOTT Solar AG

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Your Data Safe in Your Hands

Our on-premises software gives you maximum control over your data storage

Our on-premises software puts you back in control of your data. Our solutions work entirely without cloud services - your data always stays with you.

And to ensure GDPR compliance at all times, our servers are located in Germany, today and tomorrow.

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