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The user interface presents all configuration options. Here administrators can make all necessary adjustments quickly and easily.

First Spam Filter Rule

The spam filter SpamAssassin is included in Exchange Server Toolbox and checks incoming emails for signs of spam. Emails rated as spam are not accepted by the server (Microsoft Exchange 2007 and higher) or sent to the spam folders. Emails with a certain spam probability are marked as possible spam and sent to the recipient.

Archive Options

Exchange Server Toolbox archives emails securely. Signatures enable users to check whether archived emails have been altered.

Four-Eyes Deletion Principle

The four-eyes deletion principle helps to remove emails from the archive, GDPR-compliant.

User administration for archive accesses

Either use the access rights from the AD or assign your own rights to configure access from the e-mail archive.

Extended Windows Event Log

The extended Windows Event Viewer provides a quick overview of all emails processed by Exchange Server Toolbox. Filters and a practical search function can also be used here. Double-clicking on an entry provides additional information, such as the spam score of an email.

Create Your Own Rules

Easily create your own rules for the handling of incoming and outgoing email.

Anti-Virus Options

Use the integrated ClamAV or connect your own anti virus solution and keep your inbox safe!

Distributed Installation

Configure the Exchange Server Toolbox centrally on one server and automatically distribute the configuration to other servers.