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We would like to compliment you on the outstanding job of creating Exchange Server Toolbox. We tested multiple email archiving software to achieve GDPR compliance and found that your software is not only the easiest to use but also very convenient to administrate. Also the pricing model sets you apart from competitors and makes your customers happy with the purchase. It is a pleasure working with you.

Stefan Leipold, IT Support, ProSysCo

Without the Exchange Server Toolbox we would have drowned in a sea of spam long ago. This software was a great investment and is one of the greatest products we have bought in a long time.

Olaf Buck, Pietschconsult GmbH

Exchange Server Toolbox helps you easily secure your email content by blocking any unwanted or virus-infected email or by creating secured email backups. You will receive only important and relevant messages, whilst the spam emails will be blocked and unable to distract you from your work. Read the complete review.

Andrei Fercalo, softpedia.com
  • Plug-in for the Microsoft Exchange Server - can be integrated seamlessly into the server environment.
  • Easy-to-use and clearly laid out user interface
  • Backup service with the ability to write any incoming or outgoing e-mail message into a specified folder - thus easily meeting legal requirements for the archiving of business e-mail
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