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This program is a lifesaver. Had to buy new PC and make sure I took all my precious data with me. I had an SSD, 1TB data drive and 1TB backup drive.

Sorting that lot out without TreeSize was proving impossible. Now at least I have a record of all my data and can make a sensible plan and checklist for the migration.

Thanks TreeSize.

Laurence Addison, UK

I was using Screen Recorder app and my SSD space was disappearing, but I didn't know where the space was being used by the Screen Recorder until I used your app! I found the cache folder for the Screen Recorder app and deleted it, along with a few other folders I didn't need. Now I have more space available than I have ever had on my SSD!

David Joy, Canadian Department of National Defence

Thanks a lot for providing a stable freeware for such a long time.

Alan Chauvin, Université Grenoble Alpes

Excellent product found my missing 1.5TB of lost space in less than 5 minutes. All standard methods were used first but to no avail. The lost space was way down in the weeds in a temp file.

Dave Deats

I love this program. It always works well, and it does exactly what I need it to do. Helps me keep my computer very clean.

Willy Korp, Korp Consulting, Inc. / Korp Technology Services

I have considered myself a savvy Windows user, though I incline to Linux more, and I have been pulling my hair for the last year because of lack of space on one of my disks. Thanks to TreeSize I have found out that Windows has been storing backups on said disk since 2012. Thank you, guys! I have gained my peace and 600GB of free space back.

Viktoria Susterova

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just downloaded free Tree Size FANTASTIC did exactly what I needed - THANKS THANKS THANKS

Nancy Blades

I just downloaded TreeSize Free v4.1 and am most impressed with how much you have built into the free version of your software. It is clearly a well engineered and carefully thought out product that will be very useful for finding clutter on my hard drive. It contains far more value than I expected, and I compliment you on a product well done.

Charles E. Dial, Software Developer

I was using Treesize to manage the space on my drive after having installed the Android devkit, which resulted in my system downloading about half-a-dozen versions of the SDK, along with about six thousand version of Java!! Absolute bloomin' chaos.

Thanks for Treesize. I haven't had to use it for about a decade, but it's good to know it's still around, and works as wonderfully well as it every did.

A life saver!!

Jayenkai, Game Developer on AGameAWeek.com

I was looking for a product like this because my newly upgraded Windows 10 PC showed my used disk space to be about double what I thought. After running TreeSize, I discovered that my "System Volume Information" folder was the disk space hog.

Your software was easy to install and use. Also, I am a visually impaired person who uses Job Access with Speech (JAWS), text-to-speech software vended by Freedom Scientific in the U.S. to allow blind computer users to have access to Windows PCs.

Your software was totally accessible using this software, whereas many non-Windows software products are not. Thanks for this cool product.

Ronald K.

This is the most brilliant application I've ever downloaded. My hard drive had been losing free space for weeks and I had begun to despair of finding what was swallowing it up before it ran out of space - until I found TreeSize. In less than 10 minutes it had found the culprit. I thought I was going to end up reinstalling my Windows system (horror), but now all I have to do is reinstall my Internet Security. Thank you, JAM Software - long may you prosper!

John Bell

TreeSize is a great tool. It comes in three versions which you can compare on their website - Freeware, and two paid versions. [...]
TreeSize turned out to be just the solution I needed. If you keep running out of disk space and you have exhausted all the common disk clean up routines, give TreeSize a try.

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Andre Da Costa, groovypost.com

I want to say congratulations on this app. It's small, effective and quick. My 1TB HDD populates within 15 seconds, and my 500GB SSD within 7-8 seconds.

The interface is quite clean and simple. Navigation to find your resource hogs is efficient and /much/ quicker than, say, using the Windows property box.

I must say thanks for this program, it has saved me a /lot/ of time and allowed me to juggle games to and from SSD and HDD (it's a pain to keep track of which game is on what disk otherwise).


Thank you again! Your software continues to be the most useful program I have for quickly and reliably locating files and directories across a number of drives in my system.

Dom Melano, independent filmmaker and musician

There are few pieces of software that I have come across in my 25 years in the PC business that are truly outstanding but this is definitely one of them. It does just what it "says on the can" quietly, efficiently and at incredible speed. It works on a 12 year old PC and on the latest Intel core i7 Extreme PC.

C. D. Hardman

This program is great! My C drive was supposedly 100% full, but my PC wouldn't show me the files filling it up. This program did. Thanks.

Marc Berlin

Had a problem with my large hard drive mysteriously showing full. Tried other programs to find the bug, tried your TreeSize Free and found immediately that a program had somehow run wild and created 420 GB of a logjam. Great software.

Rick Jackson

Thank you for making and releasing TreeSize Free. It helped me to get a quick handle on what was taking up space on my drive.

M. Swan

Absolutely brilliant piece of software. I thought I have lost over 10GB of memory on my Notebook overnight and hadn't a clue where it had gone. Typing in a question on Google, I found a link to TreeSize Free and thought I would give it a try. Straight away it showed me what programmes were using up the memory and I discovered what I had been working on the previous day had used and saved (without my knowledge) over 16GB of memory. Once deleted, again easy to do, my Notebook memory is back to normal. What a relief!

Steve Wolstencroft

I've been using it for probably more than 15 years. It has always worked perfectly with every new version of Windows, even if ihad not installed TreeSize (free !!) latest version. I cannot imagine handling folders without it. Thanks a lot.

Dov Cohen

My problem was that I had some mystery files hogging up my drive and had no luck with CCleaner (It even installed multiple programs and features that I explicitly opted out of). While searching for a solution, I found TreeSize being mentioned and after reading some recommendations I decided to install the program. My problem was admittedly pretty basic in hindsight, but I was able to find and delete the files within , no exaggeration, less than one minute. After spending a frustrating hour dealing with other unrelated programs, TreeSize was a godsend. It is clean, easy, and free of bloatware installation traps (pre-checked boxes and the like). The free version is everything I need and nothing I don't. Thank you, I have already recommended and will recommend this program to others.


While struggling to clean the windows partition, I was looking for a software to help me identify the large files so that I can remove them. My search completed when I saw the TreeSize. Evidently it is a well engineered software that is very useful for finding large files occupying the disk space. Honestly, It is a reliable product and this is must have for the Windows systems.
I very much appreciate your free software for no-commercial use and push the community forward.

Md. Shahid

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