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  • Find files, content and information across your storage
  • Filter by file type, size, or creation date
  • Rename, move, or delete found files in bulk

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Are you looking for something? UltraSearch finds your files and documents - even as you type. Search by document content, file type or file properties, whether on the corporate network or on your home PC.

Get your valuable time back and let UltraSearch do it.

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What others say about UltraSearch

Just to say, a great tool. With several drives full of years of documents, over 2 million, Windows search got erratic, very.

Your free tool works as said it would, will keep it now and buy the professional version.

Ken Tombs, Business-Compass.com

I've been using this ultra fast search software for years with all my XP builds for myself and for clients. Thank you very much for your work.

Christopher W. Schneider, President PCTS4YOU LLC of Chicago

Just installed this program and did a search for *.scr files and wow it found them all *snaps fingers* just like that I couldn't believe how fast it was for just after installing the program.

Mike Williams, Samuel Clark, betanews.com

UltraSearch comes with the advantage that it looks for your query straight into the Master File Table of the NTFS drive. The speed in returning a result through this method is amazing. You will actually be able to view results as you type the search term.

Ionut Ilascu, softpedia.com

Editions & Pricing

UltraSearch Free offers all the basics for your file search. UltraSearch Professional brings strong file processing features and allows searching in the corporate network.


Find file ultra fast


Use in corporate environments


Windows Server supported


Find by date or file size


Move, archive, delete or bulk rename multiple files


Where UltraSearch helps

File Search across all storages with UltraSearch

No matter on which drive: Find files in an instant!

Search for file names or their contents in seconds locally or on your company's network drive. UltraSearch does it way faster than the Windows file search!

Clever filters for file search in UltraSearch

Keep an eye on the right files: Use clever filters to narrow down by file size, creation date or file type, for example.

UltraSearch highlights exact matches, so you can find your information even faster.

Mass operations for file search results with UltraSearch

Really save time with bulk actions! You can process found files in a bundle.

For example, rename, move or archive them according to your own rules.

All features at a glance

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