Latest Updates of UltraSearch Professional

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Version 3.4

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This update contains 3 Community Features from our Feature Voting Platform: Running of multiple instances, exclusion of file name in the Query Composer as well as sorting "Size" and "Occupied" columns by descending size by default.

New features

  • The search speed when searching for file content has been increased by no longer searching files without usable content (such as exe, dll or other system files) by default. Which file types should be searched during the content search can be set via a new settings dialog under Options > Configure file content search.
  • New instances of UltraSearch can now be started via the File > New Instance menu item or the shortcut key CTRL + N in order to be able to carry out further searches in parallel. Your wish in our feature voting platform.
  • The result list now has columns for file extension, MD5 checksum, owner and NTFS permissions.
  • File names can now be excluded from the search in the Query Composer. Your wish in our feature voting platform.
  • In the batch renaming dialog, buttons can now be used to add additional files and folders for renaming.
  • The bulk renaming dialog is now opened for renaming multiple files via the context menu or F2.


  • File and folder information that is already in the main memory is now retained when a drive or file path is deselected. If the drive is selected again at a later point, this information is now available without rescanning the drive.
  • The search speed of the file content search has been significantly improved through further parallelization when reading the files.
  • When loading a search without a search pattern, the current search pattern is now retained.
  • "Size" and "Occupied" columns are now sorted by descending size by default. Your wish in our feature voting platform.
  • When using date, size or file group filters, an * does not have to be entered additionally to start a search according to the selected filter criteria.
  • File and folder information for search paths that are no longer used can now be deleted from the internal cache via the context menu of the drive list.
  • Minor improvements to the status bar have been made.


  • File system changes on mapped network drives are now recognized correctly.
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements have been made.

7 November 2022

Version 3.3.1

The delivery of the 32bit version of UltraSearch ends with this version. Starting with version 3.4, UltraSearch will only be released as 64-bit version.

  • Languages written from right to left are now displayed correctly when entered in the search field.
  • The content search can now also search for terms with special characters in UTF-8 encoded files without the so-called "Byte Order Mark".
  • An error when starting UltraSearch with additional command line parameters has been fixed.
  • A problem opening PDF files with a comma in the file path has been fixed.
  • Deleting files via the context menu while pressing the Shift key no longer moves the files to the recycle bin but deletes them directly from the hard drive.

29 June 2022