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We offer market-leading software solutions for disk space management, powerful tools for fast SEPA payments and optimal security for your IT infrastructure. You will also find shell components for .NET and Delphi. You can try the entire software portfolio free of charge.

What We Do For You?

File & Disk Space Management

Powerful and Fast

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File & Disk Space Management Software
  • Streamlines storage space analysis for visualization of data distribution.
  • Identifies and helps remove unwanted files and space wasters to free up disk space.
  • Meets diverse needs, accommodating both corporate environments and home users.
  • Suitable for both ad-hoc and continuous storage space monitoring.
File & Disk Space Management Software

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We continuously improve our products at the fastest pace possible to provide you with the newest technology and to make our software solutions even more comfortable and efficient. In our News section you will find an overview of the most recently published product updates and the latest news on our company.


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Email Archive & Spam and Virus Protection For Your Mail Server

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ShellBrowser Delphi

Native VCL Explorer Shell Controls for Delphi

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ShellBrowser .NET

Native VCL Explorer Shell Controls for .NET


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We continue to grow and our building is growing with us: the construction measures are subsidized by the European Union from the European Fund for regional development and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.